(Last Updated On: 30/03/2021)

I was working on this already several months and today I finally finished the design and prints of four 3D printed cases for the TE Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering. The cases are in classic synth design and provide a full enclosure for the Pocket Operators.

3D printed Case for TE Pocket Operators

After a lot of wasted trial prints and an almost finished design which went into the waste bin, I finally finished the case with 4 new designs for the TE Pocket Operators. 3D printed cases for TE Pocket Operators in vintage synth design for the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator is printed with high quality Prusament PLA, Filamentum PLA and or FilaFlex40. The case and button colours are fully configurable.

The ready 3D printed case includes:

  • Top part of the enclosure
  • Bottom part of the enclosure
  • 4 screws
  • 23 buttons
  • 4 silicon feet

Update 01.12.2020:

  • 2 encoder caps

Print your own case

If you own a 3D printer or have access to one, you can download the STL file(s) in the STL file section and print the case(s) by yourself. By designing the case, I tried to avoid support material where possible. The downloads contain all required stl files to print the parts of the case. The print bed layout as well as some more print tips are shown on the download page.

In order to allow the print on normal 3D printers without multimaterial or multitool setup, the top panel is printed separate. The two colours are easy to realise with pausing the print and changing the filament manually.

Buttons and top case should be printed upside down to ensure a smooth top surface.