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3D printed Coffee Drip Station for Hario V60

I just finished the design and print of a coffee drip station for the Hario V60 V60 Size 02 plastic Dripper and Hario Glass Range Coffee Server 360ml. The stand can be either purchased and picked up locally or downloaded as STL file.

The STL file or ready printed device includes:

  • The Drip Coffee Stand
  • Drip tray
  • Drip tray insert

For DIY printing, please find below some printing advice. 

Print Settings (Prusa I3)

  • PLA 215 nozzle / 60 bed
  • 0.3mm layer hight
  • Draft
  • Brim is recommended to avoid warping 
  • No support required

Print bed parts placement - Coffee Drip Station for Hario V60


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