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A huge 3D print - The case for the Behringer 2600 Synthesizer

Behringer offers an incredible value for money synth with their ARP 2600 clone. The only thing which I was missing, was the vintage styled housing of the original 2600. Yes, I could have build a wooden housing and string it with tolex, but this would have involved too much time and the price for such a case would be redicoulsy high. 

That's where I had this crazy idea to print such a case on a 3D printer... 

A huge 3D printer

First I realized, that my trusted Prusa Printers were not able to print such a big housing. So I had to look for an according printer which is cappable to print such large objects. Under all cirumstances, I wanted to avoid glueing parts together. Luckily I found exactly one 3D printer model which was reasonable priced and offered the required print volume: The Creality CR-10 S5. The printer is not too bad, but required a lot of modifications to become a reliable work horse:

  • Changing all fans
  • Reinforcing the vertical (Z) beams with additional beams
  • Reinforcing the Y stepper motor mount
  • Installing stepper motor dampers
  • Installing a big 220V silicone heat bed
  • Exchange the extruder
  • Align and protect all wires

The printer is not the fastest, but it does the job very well. Printing the 2600 case takes about 2 days nonstop printing and the result is amazing. 

The texutured surface looks almost like tolex:

The housing for the Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

Since I wanted to add a extra feature, I included an optional housing for the SQ-1 sequenzer, since also the original ARP 2600 came with an optional sequencer:

All in all I'm very happy with the outcome which is by far better than I would have expetcted to be possible with a 3D printer.

Get the case for the Behringer 2600 syntheszicer

The Case for the Behringer 2600 Synth

A 3D printed case for the Behringer 2600 Synthesizer with an optional housing for the Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

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