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My last and final Mini Model-D build

Having bought a Behring Poly D and not really having the time anymore to focus on wood works, I'm currently building my last and final Mini Model-D based on the Behringer Model-D with an Alesis Q25 Keyboard.

Same as for my previous builds I'm using mahogany wood which will be sanded and waxed with natural Australian Wood Wax. The wax provides a really nice and smooth surface while accentuating the texture of the wood.

So far, I finished today the main construction which needs to be sanded tomorrow before the assembling and waxing.

Something New

What's new compared to my previous Mini Model-D builds is the fully 3D printed pitch-bend and modulation wheel section and the thicker side panels. All in all it's quite a sold and heavy little synth.

Since I want to have a cable free front panel and since the Model-D Synth will remain in the case (I've sold previous cases without the Model-D), I've soldered a Midi cable on the PCB that I don't need to plug in a cable on the front panel. The Midi cable will be connected to the keyboard directly from the backside of the synth.

Main Raw Construction Ready

Next steps

  • sanding
  • waxing
  • connecting the cables 
  • mounting the 3D printed back panel of the keyboard
  • adding the piano hinge
  • cutting the Model-D back panel
  • mounting the 3D printed back panel for the Model-D
  • printing and mounting hinges and feet
  • printing left and right blind panels
  • cutting and fixing the top panel which covers the gap and piano hinge

Update 03.04.2021

The dirty work of sanding is done as well as the waxing of the case. Piano hinges are mounted and the top panel is also in place:

Update 03.07.2021

All works completed. The case is ready and photos have been added to the Gallery.

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