(Last Updated On: 30/03/2021)

While writing on my classic yellowish IBM Model M Keyboard, I had the idea of a classic computer design case for the TE Pocket Operator. I took my inspiration from my very first computer – the C64 Breadbox 🙂

The breadbox in new grey or vintage yellowish

Quickly checking which filament I’ve on stock, I stumbled over the vanilla white filament. I thought that this is fantastic. With having also a light grey filament, I could print the case either with grey to give it a new look or in vanilla white for the old vintage look.

As usual, there is a variety of button colours available. Two included encoder caps as well a an open bottom plate for easy battery access are standard now. The case itself is printed with high quality PLA from Prusa.

The ready 3D printed case for the Teenage Engineering Tonic Pocket Operator includes:

  • Top part of the enclosure
  • Bottom part of the enclosure
  • 4 screws
  • 23 buttons
  • 4 silicon feeds
  • 2 encoder caps

The case provides good protection for the Pocket Operator and gives it a very solid and complete feeling. The silicon feeds ensure that the case is not scratching the table surface and that it’s not slipping away while in full action.