(Last Updated On: 30/03/2021)

Owning myself a Teenage Engineering Tonic Pocket Operator, I wanted a case which is a homage of the tonic drum computer design but also having his own charakter in the real world.

A new Case for the TE Tonic Pocket Operator

Contrary to the usual edged design of the Pocket Operators, the case uses round corners which are complimented by the oval sequencer buttons. The buttons with the striking colors are in contrast to the case with the decent grey and black tones. The case and buttons are in different versions available.

The buttons as well as the case itself are printed with high quality PLA from Prusa.

The ready 3D printed case for the Teenage Engineering Tonic Pocket Operator includes:

  • Top part of the enclosure
  • Bottom part of the enclosure
  • 4 screws
  • 23 buttons (16 translucent hard buttons + 7 hard buttons)
  • 4 silicon feeds
  • 2 encoder caps

The case provides good protection for the Pocket Operator and gives it a very solid and complete feeling. The silicon feeds ensure that the case is not scratching the table surface and that it’s not slipping away while in full action.