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Shop / Re-Location Update

After the re-location from Qatar back to Germany beginning of May, my main 3D printers as well as my further setup (furniture, electronics) are still in a container. The vessel is scheduled to arrive at the port on the 10.06.2021. I hope that customs and transport will happen fast that I can resume printing with my trusty Prusa MK3s printers.

Delay of shipping orders

Beside a general shipping delay caused by my current temporary printer setup and required time to establish the shop in Germany, following items are currently delayed and can be only printed and shipped after my Prusa MK3s printers arrive:

  • Korg SQ-1 accessories (Reason: The print-bed of my current printers is to small to print the DSQ frame and knobs need to be tested on a SQ-1 before shipping)
  • 70s case (Reason: The print-bed of my current temporary printers is to small)
  • Base3 and BaseLS (Reason: There print-bed of my current temporary printers is to small)

Customers who ordered this items and did not receive a shipping notification yet, can request a refund which will be executed immediately. Otherwise, items will be shipped as soon as they are printed. My current estimate is by mid/end of June.

New Packaging

All cases for the pocket operators will be shipped in new stable shipping boxes. The boxes are securing the content automatically with cellophane which eliminates the need of additional packaging material.

New Shipping Provider

DHL (for national orders) and Deutsche Post (for international orders) are the new shipping providers. For orders from Germany, items will be shipped as parcels with tracking number. International orders will be shipped as tracked goods shipment. It took a while to get everything set up, but now the shipping together with the new packaging is much better and more customer friendly.

Look Ahead

Once everything is back to normal, I will focus on new cases and products and on further improvements of the current cases. In particular, I will look into optimizing the buttons and working on the tolerances and print quality.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who ordered already from my webshop. And a big sorry for the delays caused by my move back to Germany. And a very big THANK YOU to all to of my customers. All the people I've been in contact are proving that you are an amazing community.


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