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VW T5, T6 California Cupboard / ceiling cabinet / ceiling shelf

The cabinet body must be printed with PETG, or better yet with PCTG. 3mm thick acrylic glass is required for the front. Each front element is attached to the body with 3 concealed hinges and locked by 2 magnets each.

The 3 individual cabinets are connected to one another using screws. Below the cabinets, an opening is prepared between each cabinet element, which allows for a subsequent, continuous installation of an LED light strip.

The shelf fits in the VW Bus California of the T5 and T6 series. The shelf is hung above the kitchen unit.

It is required

  • M3 cap nuts
  • M3 thread inserts (fusion thread)
  • M3 screws 6mm 8mm and 16mm
  • LouMaxx magnetic scraper strong holding force 4kg (set of 10 on Amazon )
  • Hinges foldable 44mm x 31mm ( Amazon )
  • Each shelf element approx. 800 g filament (at least 50% infill)
  • Optional drawer mat ( Amazon )

Download the files



Both assembly and use are your own responsibility.

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