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Home Sweet Home

It's done! My move back to Germany is accomplished. To be frank, it was much more complicated and time extensive than expected. Not only that the container with my gear and household took much longer to arrive, but also the bureaucracy in Germany with all the rules, regulations and required registrations as well as the implementation of the new shipping packages and shipping provider took quite some time. However, as already stated - it's all done.

Approved web shop - Verified online shop

In order to ensure that my shop follows all the required laws and regulations and to provide some security for you, I signed a contract with an agency to certify my online shop. I would be very happy if you, once you have purchased an item and you are happy with it, would leave a feedback on their rating platform: Verified Webshop

German and English

While I will keep the blog content in English, I've translated menus as well as product descriptions, shopping cart and legal content into German language. A new language switcher in the top and side section of the page, switches between the languages.

3D printing and online shop - All ready

Now everything is returning back to normal. The 3D printers are all ready and running including the new filament storage boxes. While my office space got significantly reduced, the general setup is much better and more organized. Those of your who already ordered cases in the past weeks, received them in the new packages and with the new shipping labels. No longer hand writing or cutting stickers out. And no longer long sessions (and discussions) with the Qatar Post. This process has improved so much. Also the national and international shipping times seem to be much shorter with Deutsche Post.

Thank you!

As a thank you, I've reduced the price for the 70s case. You have been all so patient!


Although the case is not completely new, the new version of the MONOLITH SLIM case now has round buttons. It still features the opening of the hanger, easy battery access and a fantastic top surface.

Monolith Slim RD

Available in different colors

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