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3D printed stand for the Synthstrom Deluge

I just finished the design and first test print of 3D printed stand for the Synthstrom Deluge ( www.synthstrom.com ) which I just recently acquired. A fantastic device which acts as a synthesizer, sampler and sequencer. My main targets with the design of the stand were:

  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Easy to attach and remove but still rigid
  • Easy to print on a 3D printer
  • Useable with DECKSAVER *

*Requires to cut away some of the inner form of the DECKSAVER.

Just a few words about the Deluge

Already the limited time I'm owning this instrument, shows how much the Deluge is a breeze to work with. The way you navigate between different modes like Clip View, Song View and Arranger View is so well thought out and is much easier than what you would expect when watching some of the YouTube videos. I was in between buying a MPC or the Deluge. I decided to go for the Deluge since I did a lot of investigation and kind of liked the inspirational user interface from the beginning. Also the fact that there is a small company behind it which is really keen to keep the product up-to-date with regular firmware updates convinced me to ignore the MPC.

But I don't want to bore the pants of with too much text about the Deluge since the device is already a long time on the market and people visiting this side might be more interested in the desktop stand which I've designed.

3D printed stands for Synthstrom Deluge

As already mentioned, the target was to design a stand which is easy to attache but still rigid and stable. After several test prints, I found the exact measures to slide the stand over the wooden side panels. It was a little bit tricky since there is not much room left between steel, screws and wooden panels.

I'm using PETG instead of PLA for this print since it is a bit more flexible and not as brittle as PLA. I wish that I could also have rounded the outer corners, but I'm using this side facing the print bed. rounded corners with PETG

3D printed stand for the Synthstrom Deluge
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