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New product category: vinyl / records


NEW product category

Articles for the presentation and storage of records

In the next few weeks, more and more items about records and record players will appear in the new Vinyl category. We start with a wall mount and a "Now Playing" table stand / wall mount for records.

Vinyl Mount ONE

Despite its small size and almost filigree appearance, the "Vinyl Mount ONE" wall mount is very stable. It is available in different colors.

Vinyl NP Stand ONE

The "Vinyl Stand ONE" is a typical "Now Playing" record holder. It is available in 4 different basic versions:

1. As a table stand with engraved wooden top

2. As a table stand with a matt plexiglass pane (h background can be illuminated with LEDs)

3. As a wall mount with an engraved wooden plate

4. As a wall mount with matt engraved plexiglass pane (can be backlit with LEDs)

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