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Single dose for Eureka Mignon - 3D printed

Besides synthesizers and photography, I'm also a coffee enthusiast. I recently purchased a Eureka Mignon Specialità coffee grinder and an Ascaso Dream PID model Pulida (polished aluminium). Since I had some hard times to get the first espresso correctly dialed-in, I made myself a 3D printed single dose adapter for the Eureka Mignon.

My espresso setup

After focusing completely on brewed coffee, I thought it is time to go back to try espresso. About 15 years ago I owned a Gaggia Classic with the according coffee mill. I checked the marked and locally available machines and came across the brand Ascaso which was offered by a local coffee roaster:

The Ascaso Dream PID ticks a lot of boxes and was almost unbeatable with all its features and the stunning design. Together with the Eureka Mignon Specialità, it is a nice, for my needs, fully satisfying setup.

3D printed single socket adapter for Eureka Mignon

The single socket adapter consists of two parts. One part sits on top of the grinder instead of the original coffee bean hopper. The other part is removable from the first part and is used as a container to dose the coffee on a weight scale. Once the weighing is completed, the container can be put upside down on top of the first part. The beans will fall into the coffee mill and the can container covers the filling hole to ensure that no beans pop out during grinding.

Get your single dose unit.

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