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120 to 116 Medium Format Film Spool Adapter

After the modification of the Agfa Ansco Plenax PD 16 into an almost 6x12 camera, I required a 70 to 60 mm film adapter for my Agfa Ansco Mod camera to be able to use the standard 120mm medium format film.

120mm Film Spool End Caps

First I designed adapter caps for the 120mm film spool. While these caps were working fine on the side of the camera where you put in the full film role, they failed on the side where you advance the film. Pretty quick the plastic wear of and the film couldn't be advanced anymore. I tried PLA, PETG and even Nylon, always with the same result.

Next I just used the original 116 film spool as a take up spool for the 120mm film. Due to the wider film spool, I faced light leaks on the exposed film when taking the film out of the camera during day light.

Another approach was to cut the 116mm film spool into two pieces, warm them up and melt them into the 120mm spool. This was working very well but since I wanted to have more spools I decided to go another way.

120 to 116 film spool adapter

The outcome is now a film spool, printed with PETG, with the outer dimensions of a 116 spool and inner width for 120 mm film. The part which engages with the film advance is a 4mm thread repair screw. The film is now well protected against the light and the film advance is very solid.

Adapter to use 120 film in older 127 mm cameras
116 to 120 film adapter for medium format film
Adapter to use 120 film in older 127 mm cameras

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The spool can be purchased through my online shop.

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