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LIVE PrO - a rigid case with new features

After some weeks of development and a waste bin full of failed attempts and prototypes, another 3D printed case for the Teenage Operators is ready to be released:


What took so long to develop this case?

1. The buttons

The buttons are a new design. It took lots and lots of test prints to get them fit properly into the case with not too much play but also not with too less. It's a challenge to find the sweet spot between too much or too less play, especially with two 3D printed parts where the 3D print layers work against a smooth fit.

Completely new is that the buttons are printed with two different materials. While the lower part is printed with translucent clear PLA, the upper part is printed with soft flexible material ( Filatech FilaFlexible40 ). The translucent part ensures that the light of the sequencer buttons gleams through, while the rubbery part on the top ensures a nice play feel.

Alternatively, the buttons are also available in fully translucent, without the rubber part on the top or with letters (side buttons only).

The new buttons of the LIVE-PrO case for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
The new buttons

2. The top of the pocket operator case

While most of the other 3D printed cases in the shop have a glued-in top plate, the top plate of the LIVE PrO is printed up-side-down in one part together with the middle part of the case on a structured surface. This does not only provide a nice finish of the top surface, but also adds rigidity to the case.

Additionally, the top part is about 3 times thicker to provide better guidance on the buttons and stability on the case. The frame with the logo is the only part of the upper case which is glued into place.

The top surface of the LIVE-PrO case with the new clear/rubber buttons.
Top surface of the LIVE Pro Case

3. PETG for the upper part of the case

Originally I plan to use PLA for printing the case since it's harder and better suited for tighter tolerances. However, Prusament PETG is a bit more flexible and not a brittle material like PLA. It withstands UV light much better than PLA which makes it the perfect material for a rigid case which can be used on stage and/or a rougher environment.


Below are some impressions of the new LIVE Pro case

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