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MONOLITH SLIM Pocket Operator Case

Inspired by monolith version of the 70s case for 3 Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators with a very nice surface finish, I wanted to do a slim case for one pocket operator with the following targets in mind:

  1. Simple design with straight lines
  2. Slim but rigid
  3. Good to print
  4. High quality surfaces
  5. Nice "hand feel"

Nice surfaces

The surfaces and there especially the top surface are incredible beautiful for a 3D printed case. This achieved by printing the case with the top facing the structured build plate.

printing materials

The case is printed in high quality Prusament PETG. PETG is printed with higher print temperatures and provides a better resistance against heat and UV light compared to PLA. The material is more flexible and less brittle than PLA.

Good "hand feel"

The lower corners as well as the side corners are all rounded which gives the case a nice feeling in the hand. Additional, 4 silicon feet ensure a secure stand on the table and avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

Made for Hanger Lovers

Contrary to the other cases, the hanger does not need to be removed. The pocket operator fits in with the hanger.

new button

The buttons for the Monolith Slim Case are fully flat without rounded corners. This ensures a nice top surface and good grip.

Three available versions of the MONOLITH SLIM Pocket Operator Case

The MONLITH SLIM case will be available in three versions:

Version 1 - Orange

Version 2 - Deep Black

Version 3 - Galaxy Black

The "sequencer buttons" of the MONOLITH SLIM Pocket Operator Case are made out of soft flexible filament and are available in black, in white or in red.

Comparison BigB vs MONOLITH SLIM

The bottom plate of the monolith slim case contains an opening for easy battery access which enables the changing of batteries without opening the case.

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Monolith Slim

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