Features of the new Pocket Operator case

The SP1 Eurorack Case and the new BeatBox Case

A new 3D printed case for TE Pocket Operators

The BeatBox

The SP1 - STL files for a modular case for modular systems

Free STL file download

All available modules stl files are available for free download on printables.com

About The SP1 Eurorack Modular Case

Why to be limited to modules when it comes to a flexible modular system? Why not also to be flexible with the casing? The SP1 grows with your needs. From the small to-go modular drum synthesiser setup up to the fully fledged modular home system...or even combine a stationary system with a mobile system. The SP1 can be extended vertically as well as horizontally.

Features of the SP1 Eurorack Modular Case

  • Flexible modular case design
  • 3D printed and use of standard Eurorack thread profiles
  • Horizontally extendable
  • Vertical extendable
  • Build in cable shaft on the back (shaft is accessible with the modules SP1H10CC or SP1 H10DCC)
  • light weight
  • Good cost/performance ratio
  • Horizontal or angled desktop position*
  • 70mm module depth

Current available SP1 Eurorack case modules:

  • SP1H10 - Standard 10HP 3U Eurorack modules
  • SP1H35 - Standard 35 HP 3U Eurorack Module (only STL file download)
  • SP1H10VC - Standard 10 HP 3U Eurorack Module with vertical connection and cable holes
  • SP1H10HC – Standard 10 HP 3U Eurorack Module for vertical connection and back pillar
  • SP1H10RC - 10 HP 3U Eurorack Module with right cover
  • SP1H10LC - 10 HP 3U Eurorack Module with left cover
  • SP1H25GM - 25HP 3U Eurorack Module with Grip
  • SP1H10CC - Standard 10 HP 3U Eurorack Module with cable opening into the cable shaft
  • SP1H10DCC - Standard 10 HP 3U Eurorack Module with double cable opening
  • SP1Cap10 - 10 HP front cap
  • SP1Cap25 - 25 HP front cap
  • SP1CapRC - 10 HP front cap with right cover
  • SP1CapLC - 10 HP front cap with left cover
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