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3D printed housing for the Behringer 2600 synthesizer in vintage design

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3D printed housing for the Behringer 2600, ARP 2600 clone in vintage design.

The case is 3D printed in one piece except for the top case cover. The upper housing cover is screwed to the side walls with 4 screws.

Korg SQ-1 sequencer case attachment

An optional housing attachment for the Korg SQ-1 sequencer is also available, which is attached to the top housing cover with 2 screws. The sequencer is inserted from the front and held in the housing by two magnets. On the top there is an opening for the USB port of the SQ-1.

The case for the SQ-1 can be retrofitted as the top cover of the 2600 case has prepared holes.

The case is printed with high quality PLA NX2 by Extrudr.com and the print time is about 55 hours for both parts.

Dimensions of the housing for the Behringer 2600 synthesizer

The housing for the Behringer 2600 has the following dimensions:

Standard 2600 chassis: 40 cm (height) x 49 cm (width) x 19.4 cm (depth)

2600 chassis with SQ-1 chassis: 49.5 cm (height) x 49 cm (width) x 19.4 cm (depth)

There are 4 rubber feet on the underside that prevent the housing from slipping. The bottom and part of the back wall are open to ensure better air circulation.


The chassis is available in the following configurations:

Variant A: 2600 housing without rear panel

Variant B: 2600 housing with rear panel

Variant C: 2600 housing without rear panel + SQ-1 housing

Variant D: 2600 housing with back panel + SQ-1 housing

The housing can also be supplied in other colors on request. A 3mm thick panel (Plexiglas, rigid foam board, plywood, etc.) with the dimensions 45.3 x 27.8 cm is required to cut the rear of the housing yourself.

Installing the Behringer 2600

Installation is very easy: The Behringer 2600 synthesizer is simply inserted from above into the guide rails on the right and left. Optionally, the rear panel is then pushed in and the SQ-1 housing attachment is screwed onto the upper housing cover. After the rear panel and the synthesizer are in the housing, the upper housing cover is screwed on.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes a 3D printed housing and 4 rubber feet.

The Behringer 2600 and SQ-1 shown in the photos are not part of this offer!