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Boxed - Modular case for Korg Volca, TE Pocketoperatros and more

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The boxed table stand is a 3D printed, modular case for the following synthesizers:

  • Korg Volca Series
  • Korg SQ-1
  • Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
  • ... (more planned)

Depending on the setup and requirements, the boxes can be screwed together and expanded. The use of two metric thread inserts per connection ensures a very robust screw connection of the individual housings, resulting in a stable unit.

Depending on the device to be installed, various inserts are offered that are pressed into the housing. A box can hold either a Korg Volca, a Korg SQ-1, or 3 Pocket Operators.

Currently, the rack can be expanded in any horizontal direction plus two slightly angled vertical rows.

Each box is equipped with metric threaded inserts, 4 screws and 4 silicone feet. The following variants are currently available

  1. A box with an insert for a Korg Volca
  2. A box with an insert for 3 Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
  3. A box with no insert
  4. Two angled connectors
  5. A mission for Korg Volca (without box)
  6. A stake for 3 Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (no box)
  7. Four box set + two angled connectors + four inserts for Korg Volcas
  8. A box with insert for Korg SQ-1

The synthesizers shown in the photos are not part of this offer.