(Last Updated On: 30/03/2021)

The EUROTEN and EUROTENDUO are two mounting frames to mount Teenage Engineerings’ Pocket Operators™ into the Eurorack.

Pocket Operator Eurorack holder for one ore more Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

EUROTEN -A mounting frame for a single Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator™

EUROTENDUO -A mounting frame for two Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators™.

The pocket operator eurorack holders are 3D printed with high quality PLA material. The simple design ensures comfortable handling. The operators can be easily removed out of the Eurorack for programming. Once programming is done, they just snap in place without any screws.

No screws

Only the frame need to be screwed into the Eurorack. There are no screws required to mount the Operators into the frame. They just plug into the frame and can be easily removed the same way.

No soldering

Because of the slightly angled arrangement of Pocket Operators in the Eurorack holder, the connectors stay accessible. For free access to all connectors, holders for either one or three Operators are required. There is no soldering required to shift the connectors onto the back of the device.


To ensure that all plugs at the Pocket Operators are always accessible when mounted into the Eurorack, it’s highly recommended to use either one, three (EUROTEN+EUROTENDUO), six (2xEUROTEN+2xEUTOTENDUO), nine,… pocket operators. The idea behind this, is that the outer holder should be always the higher one.

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2 Eurorack holders for 3 Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators™


Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator™ Eurorack holder



STL FIle Download

EUROTENDUO – Eurorack holder for two Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators™ (STL File Download)

EUROTEN – Eurorack holder for one Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator™ (STL File Download)