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Extensive modification of the K40 CO2 laser

In order to significantly improve the usability and quality of the K40 Laser, I have modified it massively over time. Below I have listed all modifications with links and prices. Conversion or installation instructions for the modifications are available on the Internet and on Youtube, which is why I don't have to do this here.

I've been flirting with a new laser like the OMTech Polar, Gweike Cloud G2 or Xtool P2 for a long time. Unfortunately, my OMTech doesn't make it easy for me to justify such a new purchase.

With the modifications listed, the K40 is completely on par with the newer (and significantly more expensive) lasers, except for the smaller work surface. However, you should budget around EUR 800 for upgrades, which brings you to a total price of around EUR 1,250 for the modified laser.

Height-adjustable honeycomb table

In order to work properly with the laser, the sheet metal holder first flew out and a height-adjustable honeycomb table came in.

Cost: about 80 EUR on Ebay

Cohesion 3D Laser Board

First of all, the originally very simple control board was exchanged for the Cohesion 3D LaserBoard. In this context, a light burn camera, a graphic LCD and an analogue ammeter were installed.

Cost: approx. EUR 330

External compressor

For laser cuts is a so-called. Air Assist essential. For this I use the Hailea air compressor, which is known for this purpose.

Cost: approx. EUR 38

External cooler

I use a cheap DZ3000LS-QX chiller to cool the laser tube.

Cost: about 120 EUR on Ebay

External fan for exhaust air

An external tube fan is used to ensure that the exhaust air is reliably extracted.

Costs about 55 EURß-Rohrl%C3%BCfter-Restaurants/dp/B08PP674RN/ref=sr_1_17?crid=UDW4SOZB971Y&keywords=rohrl%C3%BCfter%2B220v&qid=1692633882&sprefix=rohrl%C3% BCfter220v%2Caps%2C76&sr=8-17&th=1

In addition to the external fan, two smaller fans on the front of the case ensure sufficient airflow into the case. These blow fresh air into the housing.

Gas spring - furniture flap fitting

In order to finally be able to use the Lightburn camera properly, I finally ordered gas springs and installed them in such a way that the lid with the built-in camera is fixed over the honeycomb table when opened.

Cost: approx. 9 EUR

DIPA K40 linear upgrade kit

One of my last modifications was the installation of a linear guide for the X-axis, new mirrors, lens and holder. I also renewed the front panel / control panel.

Cost: approx. EUR 135

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