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3D printed showcase for presenting cameras

3D printed showcase for presenting cameras

The housing of the showcase is 3D printed in one piece. Only high-quality PLA NX2 matt filament from the Austrian company extrudr is used for printing. The acrylic pane is pulled against the surrounding seal with 2 magnets.

Dimmable LED lighting is installed inside the showcase, which can be powered via USB. For this purpose, the cable can be routed downwards or to the rear out of the housing via a cable duct integrated in the housing. Alternatively, a power bank up to 14mm high can be inserted in an integrated compartment below the showcase. The switch for controlling the lighting is located inside the display case. Alternatively, you can also install your own lighting.

I designed the display case to store my Leica cameras, as they always get dusty in my usual display case. Of course, it can also be used excellently for other presentation objects.

External: 234mm (w) x 202mm (h) x 179.6mm (d)
Interior: 226mm (w) x 176.5mm (h) x 161.5mm (d)
Presentation table inside the showcase: 140mm (w) x 120mm (d)

The showcase is now available in the online shop.
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