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Black Dot at Red Dot Camera and Lolumina Soft Release

I just wanted to share photos of my Leica ME and Leica Q where I've put a black dot at a red dot camera. Although I'm not too concerned about the distraction of subject caused by shiny red dots, I simply like the all black approach.

Leica Q

Besides the black sticker, my Q is equipped with grip and finger loop. Both enables a very convenient and safe way to carry and hold the camera. Due to the lack of cable release thread, normal soft release buttons don't fit. Doing some research on the internet I found this soft releases where the base thread is glued to the surface of the release button.


I've to admit that I was more than skeptical if the thread glued on the release button will resist the daily mechanical and thermal forces. But now, after almost 6 months having it on my camera, I'm more than convinced. Even the hot temperatures and high humidity didn't loose the glued thread. That's why I can highly recommend the Lolumina KN-CCV Soft-Release Button-Complete Kit (Black) But be sure to follow the assembly instructions correctly and give the glue the time it needs to fully adhere on the release button.

Leica ME

The Leica ME is further equipped with a ThumbsUp, a Leica soft release button and a Leica M9 grip. The ThumbsUp together with the grip and soft release ensures that the camera fits ergonomic and into my big hands. I'm always afraid to drop the camera, especially if your hands are sweaty.


The black dots gives the camera almost a Leica ME-P design. The screen is protected with film against scratches and the strap is the standard Leica strap since I like the steadiness and flexibility of the strap without being too bulky and heavy.

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