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POC60 - A new case for the TE Pocket Operators

Returning from vacation and printing 24/7 to clear the backlog, I used the time while my 3D printers are working to design a new case for the TE Pocket Operators as a homage to a very well known milestone instrument which had a great impact on the way how music is made the time it was released in the 1980s.

A new case for the TE Pocket Operators

The buttons as well as the case itself are printed with high quality PLA from Prusa . A special feature is the real black soft cushion and soft rubber caps for the two encoders, printed with Filaflex40 filament. The "drum" pads are also printed with the soft Filaflex40 filament but with a higher infill which makes them feel like hard rubber.

The ready 3D printed case POC60 for the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators includes:

  • Top part of the enclosure
  • Bottom part of the enclosure
  • 4 screws
  • 23 buttons (1 button block with 16 soft buttons + 7 small hard buttons)
  • 4 silicon feeds
  • 2 encoder caps

The case provides good protection for the Pocket Operator and gives it a very solid and complete feeling. The silicon feeds ensure that the case is not scratching the table surface and that it's not slipping away while in full action.

....one more thing....

Actually there are two more things coming up but I don't want to tell too much. One of the things will organize 3 pocket operator cases and the other one two plus an additional equipment (not from TE) in between.

Finally there will be a new accessories category introduced, where single buttons and case parts can be ordered.

Busy days with clearing the backlog, designing a new case for the TE Pocket Operators and the 2 more things coming up soon. I hope you like it :-)

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