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Adjustable Stand for the Korg SQ 1 Sequencer

This was a long ongoing project on which I was working from time to time: an adjustable desktop stand for the Korg SQ 1 Sequencer . While working on the design, I thought why not also integrate the possibility to use the stand for other devices like my iPad. So I integrated a 7 mm wide channel where my iPad Pro fits perfectly in. Together with the silicone feet, either my iPad or my SQ-1 sits perfectly stable on my desk.

More Colors

The stand is either made out of high quality Prusament PLA or PETG and is available in different colors in my online shop. The stand consists of an upper and lower part and comes with 6 silicone feet

Standard adjustable stand

For sq-1 and more

Large adjustable stand

For SQ-1, iPad and more

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