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DRE20 - BOSS - RE-20 Space Echo Eurorack mounting frame kit

The DRE20 converts the BOSS - RE-20 Space Echo Twin Pedal into an Eurorack module. The set includes an adjustable DC-DC step down converter.

Additional Parts

While all required screws can be re-used from the Boss Re-20, the following additional parts are required:

5pcs. 3.5mm Eurorack Jacks PJ301CM Stereo https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/3-5mm-jacks/

Wire to connect the jacks with the PCB https://www.rapidonline.com/catalogue/search?Query=Wire%207%2F0.2


step 1

Disassemble the Boss RE-20 Space Echo and carefully remove the glued metal sticker in the center of the device. Disconnect the two ribbon cables of the PCBs since the front PCB needs to be trimmed that it fits into the Eurorack.

step 2

Cut small strips with the hand saw from the front PCB (the PCB which contains the potentiometers and LEDs) that it fits later into the Eurorack.

step 3

Unsolder all jacks and solder cables to connect the Eurorack jacks to the PCB. Solder the Eurojacks to the cables and screw the spacers with existing screws from the Boss RE-20 onto the back of the front PCB.

step 4

Screw the Boss RE-20 aluminum panel with the 3D printed front panel with two of the Boss RE-20 aluminum panel screws together. Widen the holes for the screw on the top of the aluminum panels with a drilling machine (or similar) until the two holes of the aluminum panel align with the threads of the Eurorack.

step 5

Align the 3D printed buttons on the 2 switches of the RE-20 PCB and screw PCB with 4 of the existing screws (from the Boss RE-20) on the back of the 3D printed front panel

step 6

Align the cables between the two PCBs, connect the two ribbon cables and screw the PCB onto the spacers between.

power supply

For the power supply, either the original power supply can be used or the included power converter which converts the 12V of the Eurorack into the required 9V for the Boss RE-20. Cable to connect the converter to the Eurorack power supply and to the DRE-20 are not included in the set.

12V to 9V power converter
The two PCBs of the RE-20
Side view - PCB with spacers
Top view - jacks replace by cables
Cables with the new 3.5mm jacks

Download the STL files and print your own Mounting Kit

The DRE20 Boss RE-20 Space Echo Eurorack STL files on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3252043

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