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SPM Pro Case - A case for the Behringer Swing Keyboard and Behringer Synthesizer

3D printed synthesizer case for the Behringer Swing Keyboard with the Behringer synthesizers in Eurorack format (Pro-800, Cat, K2, Model D, Neutron, Pro-1 and WASP Deluxe.

The inexpensive housing convinces with excellent print quality and massively upgrades the already fantastic small desktop synthesizers. It can be used flexibly and can also be used as a Eurorack with the empty cases of the synthesizers listed above.

From DCASE to ProCase

After stopping the production of the DCASE series a few years ago for reasons of time, I toyed with the idea of ​​completely 3D printing comparable cases for a long time. After the success of the case for the Behringer 2600 , it was clear that large format 3D prints would not pose a technical problem. After a few weeks of development and some printed prototypes, the time has finally come. The housing is now available with the extensions in the online shop.


In terms of quality, the SPM Pro case, like the case for the Behringer 2600, is of very high quality. All components are screwed with metric screws and corresponding nuts or melt threads. Areas that are exposed to any particular stress, such as the supports and attachment points are printed with a particularly high proportion of infill.

For the approx. 36-hour print, only filament from the manufacturer Extrudr from Austria is used. The PLA NX2 has a matte finish and good strength values.

Two small zinc alloy door hinges with a stable shaft are used as hinges.

In conclusion, I think the case turned out quite well. Maybe another version for the Arturia Keystep 37 will follow next. Of course, the time factor also plays a role for me here.

See you soon,


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