(Last Updated On: 02/08/2021)

The 3D printed cases, Monolith Slim and Monolith Slim RD for the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are now available in additional colours. Beside the existing case colours Jet Black, Galaxy Black and Orange, the cases are now also available in the new colours Signal White, Lipstick Red and Mango Yellow.

Additionally, the soft buttons are now also in blue available.

The new Monolith and Monolith RD Slim Pocket Operator Case Colours

Available in the online shop

The 3-D printed cases in the new colours for the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are not available in the online shop:

70s Case

The price for the 70s Case (a case for 3 pocket operators including 2 sync connectors) has been permanently lowered to 69.95 EUR (incl. VAT/excl. shipping)

The case is quite a big print, consisting out of 3 main parts (top plate, middle frame and bottom) as well as of 48 soft buttons, 21 hard buttons, 2 Sync connectors, 6 soft encoder caps, 6 screws and 6 silicon feet.