3D printed stand for Synthstrom Deluge V2

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Easy attachable but rigid and stable 3D printed stands for the Synthstrom Deluge Synthesizer

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(Last Updated On: 11/12/2020)

3D printed stand “the dam stand” for the Synthstrom Deluge Synthesizer:

  • Light weight
  • Small
  • Easy to attach and to remove but still rigid
  • Easy to print on a 3D printer

Printed either with PETG or PLA (please choose) on a Prusa MK3s 3D printer

The set includes one left and on right stand for the Synthstrom Deluge Synth.

The Synthstrom Deluge device is not included.

Material and Color

PLA Pusament Galaxy Black, PLA Prusament Jet Black, PLA Prusament Galaxy Silver, PLA Lipstick Red, PLA White, PLA Crystal Clear, PETG Prusament Jet Black, PETG Prusament Orange, PETG White

Logo "the dam stand"

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