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Ambika case

Ambika Synthesizer Case (STL File Download)

4.99 $

STL file for a 3D printed case for the Mutable Instruments Ambika Synthesizer for common sized 3D printers with a print bed of minimum 25×21 cm (Prusa i3).

(Last Updated On: 11/05/2020)

Features of the Ambika Synthesizer Case

The case has an angled stand which eases the access to the button and knobs and optimise the view angle on the display. The opening on the left, right and bottom ensure a good ventilation of the synthesizer. With access to a 3D printer, it is a very budget friendly way to get a case for the Ambika Synth.

Item Description

The case for the Mutable Systems Ambika Synthesizer  can be printed on a standard 3D printer with a minimum bed size of 25x21cm. Additional to the 3D printed parts only following items are required:

  • 4 pcs. 3mm (Eurorack) square nuts with screws (if not available, the case could be also glued together)
  • Glue (I recommend Cemedine Super-X glue)

The parts are designed to be printed with almost no support required. Only the back panel needs minimal support from the bed.

Print Settings

Recommended Material: Prusament PLA Galaxy Black

PrusaSlicer settings: 0.20mm Quality

Support is only required for the back panel for the area where the 2 parts are glued together

Parts arrangements on the print bed

Left and right side of the Ambika case
Left and right side of the Ambika case
Back panel for the Ambika case
Under-construction of the face panel
Face-panel (make sure your consider a filament change for the lettering)
Detailed view of the location for the square nuts


The download consist out of 6 parts / stl files:

  • Case left
  • Case right
  • Faceplate under-construction
  • Faceplate
  • Connection-panel left
  • Connection-panel right
  • LED Covers 3.0 mm / 3.1 mm / 3.2 mm

Example: My Ambika in the 3D printed case



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