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DCAPS Behringer NeutronDCAPS Behringer Neutron

D-Caps for Behringer Neutron (STL File download)

3.99 $

D-Caps for Behringer Neutron (STL File download). They provide additional space for Eurorack modules, 65 mm maximum module installation depth, with holes for external wiring and holes for mounting on other modular systems. Lifts the Behringer metal case over the cable connections of the Keystep.

(Last Updated On: 11/05/2020)

The DCAPS are easy to install and the installation process is straight forward. Only a Phillips screwdriver is required for the assembly. Just remove the 4 screws on each side wall of the original metal housing and replace the fake wood side walls with the DCAPS. The metal plate as well as the screws of the original Behringer housing are re-used for mounting the DCAPS.

The STL set includes:

  • DCAP left
  • DCAP right
  • Blind panel


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