18 Knobs upgrade for Korg SQ-1

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18 pcs. 3D printed PLA knobs

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(Last Updated On: 05/05/2021)

The new knobs are bigger than the original knobs and made out of white PLA. Due to the increased size and improved profile, they provide a better handling than the small original knobs. The center of the knobs is hollow which allows the red light of the step sequencer to shine through.

The set contains 18 pcs. 3D printed PLA knobs

There is also an adjustable stand for the Korg SQ 1 in the shop available.

If you are planning to mount the Korg SQ-1 into an Eurorack, please have a look at the SQ-1 Eurorack Convesion Kit.

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Deep Black, Galaxy Black, Silver, Light Grey, Metallic Grey, Red, Orange, White, Transparent


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