Modifcation Set for AGFA ANSCO Plenax PD 16 camera

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(Last Updated On: 25/03/2021)

The Agfa Ansco Plenax PD 16 were are series of folding cameras for 116 film (PD16) format for 2½×4¼ inch negatives (nominally 6.5×11 cm) which was manufactured around 1935. With the 6×12 AGFA ANSCO Plenax PD 16 camera DIY 3D print project, the camera is able to take high quality captures due to the fantastic Schneider Super Angulon f8/90mm lens.

Since the camera is available on the market for a reasonable price (around 40$), it suits perfectly as a camera body for the 6×12 modification. The camera was manufactured for the 116 film format where the picture frame of 6.5 x 11 cm almost reaches the common 6×12 format.

Order the 3D printed Mod Parts for the AGFA ANSCO Plenax PD 16

  • The main modification part containing the grips and helical/lens holder (without leather and bore holes)
  • Flash mount + adapter
  • 1 sheet foam rubber

All parts are printed with black PETG. The main part has a printing time of about 40 hours.

Download the STL files and print your own Mod

The 6×12 AGFA ANSCO Plenax PD 16 camera DIY 3D prints on Thingiverse:


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