Mutable Instruments Ambika Synthesizer

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Mutable Instruments Ambika Synthesizer with 6 x SMR4 – classic 4-pole VCF/VCA (Roland sound) in a 3D printed case

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(Last Updated On: 04/05/2021)

The Mutable Instruments Ambika

The Ambika Synthesizer is a digital synthesizer with analog filters. It offers a large array of waveforms like digital wavetables, fm and phase modulation. Due to the digital control of the analog filters and VCA, a large palette of modulation is possible. The Ambika has 6 voices of which and due to the 6 separate outputs beside the mix output, the Ambika can be used as 6 individual monophonic synthesizers. The allocation of the voice cards, midi channels per voice and keyboard range is very flexible. The possibility to use different voice cards (SMR4, SVF, 4PM, POLIVOKS) within one Ambika, it makes this synthesizer a very unique device. Build in voice cards: 6 x SMR4 – classic 4-pole VCF/VCA (Roland sound)

Some of the key features of Ambika include:

  • 6 voices with individual outputs.
  • 2 digital oscillators per voice, with 36 oscillator algorithms/wavetables.
  • 1 sub-oscillator, also configurable as a transient generator.
  • Pre-filter overdrive and bit-crushing effect.
  • Analog 4-pole filter (or 2-pole multimode filter depending on the type of voicecard used) and VCA.
  • 3 ADSR envelopes, 3 patch-level LFOs, 1 voice-level LFO.
  • Modulation matrix with 14 slots and 4 modulation modifiers.
  • 1 arpeggiator, 1 note sequencer and 2 step sequencers per part.
  • Flexible mapping of the 6 voices. A single patch with 6 voice-polyphony, 6 independent mono parts, 2 layered patches with 3-voices polyphony, a 3-voice unison bass line on the lower half of the keyboard with a 3-voice unison lead on the upper half… all are possible!
  • SD-card storage allows the storing of a life-long of patches, programs and multis, along with the history of editing operations for undo/redo.

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Features of the Ambika Synthesizer Case

The case has an angled stand which eases the access to the button and knobs and optimise the view angle on the display. The opening on the left, right and bottom ensure a good ventilation of the synthesizer. With access to a 3D printer, it is a very budget friendly way to get a case for the Ambika Synth.


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