(Last Updated On: 30/03/2021)

There is now a button upgrade in the online shop available which replaced the 4×4 button mat of the POC60, PO Big B and 70’s cases. The single buttons provide a better tactile response and improve the playability of the Pocket Operator.

FAT Buttons

SLIM Buttons

The buttons fit into the following cases

  • POC60
  • PO Big B
  • 70’s case

SLIM and FAT Button Version

The buttons are available in a FAT and SLIM version. The FAT version buttons stick about 3 mm out of the case while the SLIM version stick about 1 mm out of the case.

Hard and Soft Buttons

Due to the single button design, the buttons are now also as hard buttons available for the above mentioned cases. The Soft Buttons have a textured top surface. The surface of the hard buttons is smooth.