(Last Updated On: 30/03/2021)

A beautiful hand crafted wooden case made out of high quality Mahogany wood with build-in Keyboard from an Alesis Q25 for the Behringer Model-D, Neutron and/or other Eurorack compatible modules. The design is leaned towards the original Minimoog but in a smaller shape. Like the original, the housing of the synthesizer module can be tilted.

Features of the case fo the Behringer Model-D

  • Handcrafted and custom built
  • Back can be tilted into several angles
  • Build-in Alesis Q25 Keyboard
  • Eurorack format for Behringer Model D, Neutron or many other Eurorack compatible modules
  • 3D printed connection panel for Behringer Model D
  • 1 row for 3U Eurorack modules with 83HP
  • 370mm (D) x 487mm (W)

The build process

The wood is only sealed with Australian timber wax. No wood stain has been used! The back panel is made out of birch plywood with a build-in connection Panel for the Behringer Model-D. 3D printed parts are made out of high quality Prusa Prusament PETG and PLA.

The Final Result