A Mahogany Wood Case for Behringer Model-D

(Last Updated On: 07/12/2020)

A beautiful hand crafted wooden case made out of high quality Mahogany wood with build-in Keyboard from an Alesis Q25 for the Behringer Model-D, Neutron and/or other Eurorack compatible modules. The design is leaned towards the original Minimoog but in a smaller shape. Like the original, the housing of the synthesizer module can be tilted.

Features of the case fo the Behringer Model-D

  • Handcrafted and custom built
  • Back can be tilted into several angles
  • Build-in Alesis Q25 Keyboard
  • Eurorack format for Behringer Model D, Neutron or many other Eurorack compatible modules
  • 3D printed connection panel for Behringer Model D
  • 1 row for 3U Eurorack modules with 83HP
  • 370mm (D) x 487mm (W)

The build process

The wood is only sealed with Australian timber wax. No wood stain has been used! The back panel is made out of birch plywood with a build-in connection Panel for the Behringer Model-D. 3D printed parts are made out of high quality Prusa Prusament PETG and PLA.

The Final Result

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A Mahogany Wood Case for Behringer Model-D

    1. I can add a pair of dcaps. However, the case is slightly different to the previous cases with not having any screw on the side holding the Eurorack rails on which the DCAPS are usually mounted. This gives the case a more aesthetic look.

    1. Hi Glen,
      I just checked the dimensions. It’s a bit wider (448mm without wood panels) than the case what I build for the Behringer Model-D and Alesis Q-25, but it would work out. It is not much and the wood I’ve on stock is long enough 480mm – 2x15mm (thickness of wood panels) = 450mm . Only thing what worries me is the depth which is not consistent. I’ve mahogany wood for exactly one case remaining beside the one I’m currently building for a customer. Sourcing good quality wood here in Qatar is difficult and I gave up. I buy it always in Germany and ship it over. I can’t see on the images in the internet how the minimax is fixed to the original case. Since I don’t own a creamware mini max, the best way to do the case and ensure that everything fits would require that I’ve the device here in my small workshop.

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