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New coffee product: Hopper for Comandante c40 hand grinder

Number one important rule: Use only fresh roasted coffee beans and grind them shortly before brewing.

Users following the blog on my webpage know that I love coffee. I like the manual and old style way of brewing coffee by hand by pouring water over the coffee which sits in a classic paper coffee filter.

It's a bit crazy, but I love to hand grind the coffee beans for my brewed coffee. Somehow you appreciate much more your cup of coffee after some additional effort in preparing it.

The king of coffee grinders

I tried a lot of hand coffee grinders until I found the right one. From Hario to NoNames - I used them all but I didn't really enjoy the grinding process. Until I got the Commander c40 . The very first time I opened the huge package and tried the grinder, I knew that this grinder is for sure the right one. I would even say it is the king of hand coffee grinders. The lever moves so incredibly smooth during grinding that is a joy to use.

While holding the Commander c40 in your hand, you can feel the solid quality made in Germany. This is simply the first and last coffee grinder you need in your life.
How is the Commander Grinder made?

A small thing which bothered me

But there was a small thing which annoyed me a little bit. But this is not limited to the Comandante coffee grinder. This affects all hand coffee grinders. It's always a bit difficult to get the beans from a 1kg bag into the small opening of the grinder. I prefer to store my beans in the bag in which they come to avoid loosing flavor by putting them into another container.

The 3D printed hopper for the Comandante c40 hand grinder

Now after a long time, I was finally able to design and print the small pice which makes the grinder perfect. A hopper which also functions as a stand to save some space on the shelf.

My favorite coffee roaster - Engels Kaffeerösterei

I would like to use the opportunity to give a huge shoutout to my favorite and local coffee roaster Engels Kaffeerösterei . Markus Engel is a coffee roaster from the bottom of his heart. Not only that his product is fantastic, he also cares a lot about from where the coffee is coming and the people who are producing the beans. I highly recommend trying his coffee. My favorite pour over coffee beans are Java Blawan from Indonesia.

The 3D printed hopper in the online shop

The 3D printed hopper for the comandante c40 is available in different colors in my online shop.

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