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3D printed single dose container for the Eureka Mignon coffee grinder

3D printed single dose container for the Eureka Mignon coffee grinder

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The 3D printed single-dose container for the Eureka Mignon Specialità coffee grinder consists of two parts. One part sits on top of the grinder in place of the original coffee bean hopper. The other part is detachable from the first part and is used as a container for dosing the coffee on a scale.

After weighing, the container can be placed upside down on the first part. The beans fall into the coffee grinder and the dosing hopper covers the feed opening to ensure no beans spill out during grinding.

Delivery time:

The article will be made after receipt of order.

The delivery times (incl. 5 days processing time) are:

  • Germany: 7 working days
  • Europe: 10 working days
  • World: 14 working days

The coffee grinder shown in the photos is not part of this offer.

Food safety of 3D printed materials:

Although the 3D printing material itself (Prusament PLA) is food safe and even biodegradable, the fine gaps between the layers are problematic.

I use the single-dose container for my Eureka coffee grinder without any post-3D printing treatment, but it is recommended that the 3D-printed container be coated with epoxy or another coating that fills the fine gaps between the layers sealed after 3D printing.

The single-dose container offered here is untreated and not coated with a surface seal.

"Even though PLA is biodegradable and the material itself is food safe, we do not recommend repeatedly drinking or eating from 3D prints. This is due to the small cracks in the print surface, which can harbor bacteria over time can settle.

You can prevent this by applying a food safe coating." (Source: https://prusament.com/materials/pla/)
Do not put parts printed from PLA in the dishwasher or microwave.

If you want to learn more about the food safety of 3D prints, please read the following links:



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