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DSQ-1 PLUS - Korg SQ-1 Eurorack mounting frame

DSQ-1 PLUS - Korg SQ-1 Eurorack mounting frame

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The DSQ-1+ is a 3D printed Eurorack mounting frame for the Korg SQ-1 sequencer. While the DSQ-1 mounting frame offers larger lettering, the DSQ-1+ uses this area to make room for a 4HP Eurorack module.

Installing the mounting frame requires removing the back of the original SQ-1 sequencer case.

Easy assembly

  • Remove the batteries
  • Peel off the thin plastic film on one side holding the battery holder in place
  • Unscrew the 4 front screws
  • Remove the back and pull the battery holder through the back so the back can be set aside
  • Slide in the mounting frame
  • Fix the mounting frame with the 4 screws from the front

The SQ-1 can be powered either by batteries or by USB with an angled USB cable.

Scope of delivery

1 pc. 3D printed PLA mounting frame + 1 blank panel.

Delivery time:

The article will be made after receipt of order.

The delivery times (incl. 5 days processing time) are:

  • Germany: 7 working days
  • Europe: 10 working days
  • World: 14 working days

The pictured Korg SQ-1 sequencer as well as screws, nuts and battery holders are not part of the offer.

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