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POC60-LET - 3D printed case for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators with labeling

POC60-LET - 3D printed case for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators with labeling

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A 3D printed case in vintage synth design for the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator. Like all cases, the case is printed with high-quality Prusament and Extrudr filament. In contrast to the POC60 housing, there is 3D printed labeling on the top cover of the POC60-LET in the area of ​​the side buttons.

An acrylic glass panel is incorporated into the LCD opening on the top. This offers additional protection for the Pocket Operator's display.

Note: To insert the Pocket Operator into the housing, the PO hanger must be completely removed. Any residue may need to be carefully sanded away so that the top of the Pocket Operator is smooth and straight. Under no circumstances should you force the Pocket Operator into the housing!

Become Hanger If you don't want to remove the Pocket Operator, you can also find a housing in the shop where the Pocket Operator's pendant can be inserted through an opening on the back of the housing.

Directions: You can find video instructions on how to insert the buttons and the Pocket Operator in the gallery. The procedure is identical for almost all spillerphoto 3D housings.

The standard color configuration (as shown in the photos) for this case is:

16 sequencer buttons: gray - rubberized (TPU filament)

3 buttons on top: white - hard (PLA filament)

3 buttons on the side: gray - hard (PLA filament)

1 Play button: red - hard (PLA filament)

Housing color: metallic gray

The POC60 case for the Pocket Operator includes:

Top part of the housing with acrylic glass screen protector

Lower part of the case with opening for battery access

4 screws

23 keys

4 silicone feet

2 encoder caps

The Pocket Operator shown in the photos is not included.


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