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Side panels for the "Minimoog Style Modification" of the microKORG

Side panels for the "Minimoog Style Modification" of the microKORG

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2 pieces of 3D printed side panels and covers to modify the microKorg in Minimoog style

Modifying the microKORG is not difficult.

Remove all potentiometer caps and unscrew the 3 large pots. Careful: the two Edit Select caps have screws that must be unscrewed before removing the caps!

Open the case by removing all the screws on the bottom.

Disconnect all internal cables.

Unscrew all the screws holding the circuit board and the keybed with the modulation and pitch bend wheels.

Remove circuit board and keybed

Carefully (!!!!) cut the top and bottom in half. The best way to cut the upper part is with a sharp knife along the trailing edge below the metal plate. The base must be cut 125mm from the top edge. Before cutting, check that the measurements are correct by comparing them to the side panels!

If you want to repaint the case, now is the perfect time before putting everything back together.

Assemble everything. Be sure to connect all internal cables first before closing the two cases.

Glue the side panels to the bottom and top, making sure everything lines up. I recommend Cemedine Super-X Glue as it allows the parts to be realigned for a period of time. (Support the case with some cardboard so it sits straight on the table) While the bottom piece can be permanently glued to the kebyboard piece, be sparing with the glue for the top case. In the event that re-opening is necessary, it should be possible to remove the upper case. This case can be secured with additional screws through the side panel bearing instead of just glue.

That's it.

Scope of delivery

3D printed side panels and 3D printed covers

Delivery time:

The article will be made after receipt of order.

The delivery times (incl. 5 days processing time) are:

  • Germany: 7 working days
  • Europe: 10 working days
  • World: 14 working days

The microKorg synthesizer shown in the photos is not part of this offer.

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