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SPM Pro Case Swing for Behringer Desktop Synthesizers Pro-800, Cat, K2, Model D, Neutron, Pro-1 and WASP Deluxe

SPM Pro Case Swing for Behringer Desktop Synthesizers Pro-800, Cat, K2, Model D, Neutron, Pro-1 and WASP Deluxe

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3D printed synthesizer case for the Behringer Swing Keyboard with the Behringer synthesizers in Eurorack format Pro-800, Cat, K2, Model D, Neutron, Pro-1 and WASP Deluxe.

The inexpensive housing convinces with excellent print quality and upgrades the already fantastic small desktop synthesizer enormously. It can be used flexibly and can also be used as a Eurorack with the empty cases of the synthesizers listed above.


By default, the case comes with a synthesizer mount. However, the housing can be expanded with additional brackets. It should be noted here that the Behringer devices have two different widths and the bracket must be selected according to the width (424 mm or 374 mm).

Pro-800 (424mm wide) • Cat (374mm wide) • K2 (424mm wide) • Model D (374mm wide) • Neutron (424mm wide) • Pro-1 (424mm wide) • WASP Deluxe (374mm wide)

The basic housing is always the same and can be expanded with both bracket types.

Maximum number of synthesizers

We currently recommend installing no more than a maximum of 3 devices in one housing. More devices can be installed in one housing, but then the housing must be leaned backwards against a wall or other solid object to avoid tipping and to relieve the supports.

Scope of delivery

The housing consists of a base plate, 2 side panels and 2 synthesizer brackets that are attached to the base plate with hinges. Silicone feet on the underside ensure a secure stand on the table. The desired synthesizer tilt angle can be locked on the back with two stands.


Only high-quality NX 2 PLA from extrudr from Austria is used as printing material. It takes approximately 36 hours to print all parts of the base chassis.

All screws for fastening in the plastic are designed with ruthex melt threads. A total of 16 fusible threads are installed in the basic housing alone.


The base case with a synth mount comes unassembled. The following tools are required for assembly and can be ordered as an option:

2.5mm allen wrench • 3mm allen wrench • Phillips screwdriver

Delivery time

The article will be made after the order has been received. The delivery times (incl. 5 days processing time) are:

Germany: 7 working days

Europe: 10 working days

World: 14 working days

The synthesizers and keyboard shown in the photos are not part of this offer.

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