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Monolith DUO - 3D printed housing for 2 TE Pocket Operators

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A 3D printed case for 2 Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators. The top of the case is printed with high quality Prusament PETG and the bottom with Extrudr PLA.

The lower part of the case is printed with matte black PLA, which is stronger than PLA. For the upper part, the slightly softer and UV-resistant PETG filament with the color galaxy black is used.

The case kit includes a connector to connect and sync the Pocket Operators in the case.

Note: To insert the pocket operator into the housing, the PO hangers must be completely removed. Residue may need to be carefully sanded off to ensure the top of the Pocket Operator is smooth and straight. Never force the Pocket Operator into the case!

Instructions: You can find video instructions for using the keys and the Pocket Operator in the gallery. The procedure is identical for almost all spillerphoto 3D housings. With the Monolith DUO, the two pocket operators only have to be connected to the sync connector before they can be used. Then carefully insert the two POs into the housing from the front. Please make sure that the previously inserted 3D printed buttons do not jump out during insertion. Then close the cover, screw and mount the encoder caps.

Basically, many color combinations of housing and keys are possible. Please inquire accordingly!

The default color configuration (as shown in the photos) for this case is

32 sequencer keys: black - rubberized (TPU filament)

6 side buttons: whot - hard (PLA filament)

2 play buttons: red - hard (PLA filament)

Case color: Galaxy black

Encoder caps: black

Monolith DUO - Housing for 2 TE Pocket Operators includes

Top of case

Lower part of the case

4 screws

40 keys

4 silicone feet

4 encoder caps

1 sync connector

Delivery time

The delivery time is 14 days because the item is manufactured after the order has been received.

The pocket operator shown in the photos is not included.